Saturday, 14 July 2012

Red State.

I watched this rather disturbing film today with my girlfriend, and well, it just had to reviewed.

3 American high-school students head on a night out to get laid by a woman advertising herself online in their local area, but what the boys don't realise is that their night is about to go downhill. Drugged and gagged, they wake up in the local extremist church, where the worshipers have taken it upon themselves to punish the sinful occupants of the united states.

What caught my eye about this film is the controversial theme. Christian extremists killing homosexuals and teenagers? You just couldn't make that up, and that's what is just so scary about this perceived to be horror film: somewhere in America, the plot of this film could actually be taking place.

I have to comment on the way the plot unfolds. Most of the audience watching would be routing for at least one of the teenagers to survive, only to find they all die either at the hands of the bible loving activists or the hardcore police squad, which adds an even darker twist to this already grisly film.

The acting is 50/50. The teenagers aren't Oscar winning but they are most certainly not bad enough to receive a razzie. One actor who really makes Red State as twisted as it is, happens to be experienced actor, Michael Parks. His perception of Abin Cooper, the crazed priest, is exceptionally brilliant, switching from calmly reciting extracts from the bible, to horrifically executing his victims.

Overall Red State is an well balanced action horror, with an excellent B-star cast and a well thought out plot. Credit to Kevin smith for writing and directing such a bold yet brilliant film.

George's score: 7/10

Sophie's score: 6/10


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